It’s that time wonderful time of the year again! Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic or a grinch, giving back is something your whole office can enjoy.  This holiday season, consider adding a few of these activities to your office to spread cheer and good tithings. Here are 4 ways to get your office to give back this holiday season… 

Host a Canned Food Drive

This Thanksgiving season, our company participated in our first ever canned food drive. Out of fear it wouldn’t be successful, I turned it into a competition between two departments in our office. We offered a pizza and beer party to the group that brought in the most cans. And boy, we were astounded by the results! In total, we ended up donating over 900 cans to local families in our area. The holidays are a great time to host a canned food drive, and a great way to get your employees to get into the giving spirit (and receive something in the process).

Donate Old Clothes/Coats

With the holidays comes the dreaded cold weather, and this couldn’t be more true for homeless families. The need for clothing donations skyrockets each year around this time. Set up a box somewhere in your office and encourage your employees to donate old/new clothes. This can also be turned into a competition in your office. In the end, it’s a win-win, your employees will clear out unwanted items from their closet and will feel good about donating to those in need.

Group Volunteer at a Shelter

This is considerably less fun than a competition between coworkers but is way more rewarding. Plan ahead a day where a group of your employees will head over to a local shelter, food bank, etc. to volunteer. Your group can serve food at a soup kitchen, visit the elderly, or give out goods to the homeless. There’s something more satisfying about physically seeing the people you’re helping out and is guaranteed to pull a heart string or two of your employees.

Make a Child’s Christmas

Toys For Tots is a Marine based program that provides gifts for children whose families cannot afford to buy them presents. They accept toys for all ages and genders, as long as they’re unwrapped.  This year, our company will also be participating in our first ever toy drive with the group. We set up a Christmas tree in our front office and are encouraging employees to place toys under it. If a toy drive isn’t your thing, you can also donate directly to the Toys For Tots website. Either way, your office is guaranteed to make someone in needs Christmas.

The list of ways you can help out this holiday season are endless. Hosting a canned food/clothing drive, volunteer, or buying toys for needy kids, are just the beginning. Giving shouldn’t stop after the new year- these activities could be something your office participates in year round! 
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