Social media has taken over! If you haven’t hopped on the digital media train yet, here are five reasons why you should.

1. Improved Search Engine Optimization

In the pursuit of information, it’s rare that we migrate past the familiar terrain of page one of Google’s search results. As we delve into the depths of the pages that follow, we find ourselves at the crossroads of “oh that is NOT what I was looking for” and “wait, what did I search for again?” Learning relevant search engine optimization (SEO) practices is essential in greeting potential customers on Google’s first page: no scrolling required! As web traffic increases with the regular posting of compelling social content, enhanced online visibility trails closely behind. Social media’s impact on SEO can be thought of as a correlation with the potential for a big pay off; reaching peak levels of success when audiences are actively engaged and eager to show their interest.

TIP: Try planning posts ahead of time on a social media scheduling site like Buffer to stay organized and reach your digital goals.

2. Brand Loyalty

Customers often treat social sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, as service channels for direct communication. We observe customers at establishments like airports demanding answers to issues like flight delays while fast-food patrons playfully josh around with their speedy taco and burger providers. Instances of positive interactions with businesses lend themselves to the creation of a loyal customer base. Social media serves as the ideal platform for bonding with digital visitors.

TIP: Facebook users can see how long it typically takes a business to respond to messages. Let your customers know you care by earning a “Very Responsive to Messages” badge for your profile.

3. Marketplace Awareness

The next time you find yourself on your coworker’s friend’s mom’s dog’s Instagram and you feel you have found a new calling in investigative reporting – consider how the researching power of social sites can be used for the good of your business. This powerful tool extends far past your ability to learn all the names of a cat lady who you never met’s cats and into the realm of better understanding your customer base. Existing within the same digital spaces as your audience provides unique insight into their demographics and psychographics. You’ll have greater access to basic information like socioeconomic status as well as more lifestyle specific information such as whether your customers prefer birdwatching or skydiving on the weekends.

TIP: Once you have a better understanding of your audience, use your insights to your advantage and develop content that is tailored specifically to their needs and desires.

4. Cost Efficiency

Perhaps the strongest selling point for all of these benefits is that they often come at a lower rate than other marketing tactics. This more for less strategy allows businesses to establish an online presence at no cost and holds the potential to generate free returns. Paid social advertising, a relatively low-cost option, is a treasure chest for high ROI. The flexibility in digital expenditures also creates room for optimization enhancing tweaks and budget-minded edits, while traditional media is typically associated with more set in stone prices and products. The ability to easily increase or reduce allocations to the already high return avenue of social marketing makes it an ideal channel for financially conscientious businesses.

TIP: Don’t stretch yourself too thin! Select social media sites wisely; many small businesses benefit from choosing only a couple sites to begin with. The only platforms you should be using are the ones your customers are using.

5.  Increased Brand Awareness

With the aid of social media, the presence of your business will leave an unfading digital footprint, available to all at anytime of day. Whether your message is viewed on the soft glow of a millennial’s iPhone as they complete their final scrolls for their day, or if it shines through a senior’s large display iPad bright and early in the morning, the opportunities for visibility are endless. By placing your name in front of your target audience with greater frequency, you can begin to accrue a follower and fan base for your company. The higher the brand awareness the more likely it is for customers to choose your business over the competitors.

TIP: Encourage followers to share your posts within their own circles. If they like you chances are some of their friends, family and coworkers will, too!
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