Face it, we’re living in the future. Every day new technological inventions are coming out that prove how our society has advanced. One hundred years ago we began wiring our houses with electricity, and now the age of artificial intelligence is upon us. Curious to see what advancements have been made so far in the year 2018? Though it is nearly impossible to list all of the new technology made in 2018, this list highlights some of the most interesting options available to the public.

Solar Panel Windows

Finally some advances in clean energy! A Dutch startup company has developed the first transparent solar power windows. The solar cells are located on the edges of the window and efficiently transfer the sun’s rays into electricity. The startup company is currently working on the next generation of these windows, which are expected to triple the efficiency of the current model. Hopefully, these windows will soon voyage over an ocean and find their way into homes across the United States (and some significantly lower power bills too)!

The Movi Phone

2018 is expected to be a financially tremendous year for Samsung, and the release of their new phone, Movi, is only fueling the fire. The Movi comes complete with a projector capable of displaying 720p images up to 200 inches diagonally. While Samsung is not the first to develop phones with built in projectors, past models have been extremely expensive and clunky. Thanks to the technological advancements of 2018, Movi is no bigger than your average phone and is available for the reasonable price of $599. It even comes unlocked, meaning you are able to use it regardless of what carrier you have!

CaloRieco Calorie Scanner

Honestly, I never could have imagined something like this actually existing. The CaloRieco is a device that uses infrared rays to measure the calories in any given meal with 80% accuracy. Developed for diabetic patients to ease the struggling of managing their diet, this device is perfect for anyone looking to better their eating habits or for those with special dietary conditions.

Qoobo: A Pillow With A Wagging Tail

Ever feel like you want a pet but don’t want the responsibility that comes with it? Well look no further- the qoobo is the answer to your problem. Developed by two Japanese inventors and backed by their kickstarter, the qoobo is a therapeutic robotic pillow designed to comfort its users. When pet, it’s life-like tail begins to wag. The tail swinging even intensifies the faster you pet it! These fuzzy, playful, pillows are now available for purchase on the Qoobo website and come in two different styles.

Philips SmartSleep

The Philips SmartSleep isn’t designed specifically to help you fall asleep quicker or stay at rest for longer, but instead it improves your quality of sleep. Two sensors on the sleep headband can detect once you fall into a deep sleep. Once in the state of deep slumber, the headband will emit a series of tones that are designed to slow brain wave activity. According to the Philips SmartSleep site, over 70% of users reported being less tired during the day. The SmartSleep even gathers data from your sleep and displays a sleep score on their app after you wake up.
Though it is nearly impossible to list all of the new technology advances made in 2018, this list highlights some of the most interesting inventions available to the public.
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