In the quest for consistency in the digital world, it’s easy to push social media to the wings as seemingly more vital business takes center stage. However, as we transition into an increasingly screen-facing society, the need to establish an online presence has never been more pressing.

If you’ve ever attempted to create fresh content with a brain reaching its workweek expiration date, you’re likely to understand how a day or two of radio silence can quickly become an unfortunate reality. An easy solution to these social media struggles can be found in an innovative update to a simple tool: the calendar.

Social media scheduling sites like Buffer and Hootsuite provide users with resources to plan, schedule and assess the success of their social offerings. These sites allow businesses the opportunity to map out posts on a wide range of platforms under one convenient dashboard.

A key benefit to the use of a social media management site is the accountability created by the need to turn a blank calendar into a draft filled agenda. If a bad case of the Mondays leaves you uninspired in the arena of content creation, harness Tuesday’s optimism to develop enough social media posts to get you


The amount business social media budgets are projected to increase in the year 2018

through the next couple of weeks. Use Buffer to set up an automatic post date, so even at your busiest hour you can remain confident in your business’s unwavering digital presence.

Through the documentation of social media and the tools made available on Buffer and Hootsuite, you can gather information on what type of content is particularly appealing to your followers and what time of day they are most likely to engage with your company. On the flip side, you can also analyze the topics and trends that receive less traction and make necessary adjustments for the future.

Consumers using social media to make purchasing decisions 59%
Consumers clicking on ads that are relevant to them 16%
Consumers using social media to receive promotional offers 34%

By setting aside a specific time to create and schedule digital content, you can prioritize audience engagement throughout the rest of your calendar days. Merely posting is often not enough, interacting with your followers is crucial in the goal of increasing traffic to your page. By liking comments, replying to followers and direct messaging, your connection with your company’s fans will strengthen.

Free time can also serve as an opportunity to redefine your social strategy and work on a comprehensive game plan. You can focus on the big picture rather than smaller, individual efforts.


If you find yourself struggling to stay on top of your social accounts, try a free trial of a social media management platform and see if it’s the right fit for your business. Take the burden out of digital media production and start scheduling today!

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